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Note:  Goat milk is considered A2 milk, rather than A1.  We will post a blog about what the difference is.  However, in a nutshell, the A1 is a mutation of the protein molecule in many of the dairy cows.  Often when we think we are lactose intolerant, we are actually intolerant to the A1 protein molecule instead.  Not always, but this is often the case.  This is one of the reasons that Goat milk and A2 cow’s milk is much more digestible than is A1 (Normal commercial cow milk). The other reason goat milk is more digestible is because of the size of the fat molecules of goat milk.




A2 Raw Goat milk 

Are you looking for a creamy fresh tasting totally nutritious milk?  Not only can you drink it, but you can also use it in skin care products, pet milk and products, yogurt and kefir, cheese, etc.





A2 Raw Goat Milk Kefir (plain)

This kefir is considered ‘once fermented’.

You can drink the kefir straight, add flavorings or fruit to it.  You may even replace other types of liquid in our baking with kefir milk. This is fermented milk from little gelatinous globules, that provides tons of friendly bacteria and probiotics to your gut. It colonizes in your intestinal tract.  Have you been taking medications?  You need some super natural probiotics like are found in kefir.  There are many benefits of kefir, some of which will be seen in future blog posts. 

Note: I’ve shared some used of kefir in my two holiday blog posts

Goatee Cheer

Goatee Christmas Cheer

A2 Raw Goat Milk 2nd Raspberry Fermented Kefir

In this flavor, we have fermented the 2nd time using Organic Raspberries.

This kefir has all of the benefits of the plain kefir, except added beneficial nutrients and bacteria from the 2nd fruit fermenting. 


A2 Raw Goat Milk 2nd Blueberry Fermented Kefir

This flavor is delicious and fermented the 2nd time with Organic blueberries.




A2 Heirloom Yogurt (plain)

This is a nice creamy fairly thick Finnish variety of yogurt and super mild to the taste.  It can be eaten plain or mixed in with fruit and other things.  The starter culture is Organic.





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