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Senate Bill 0108 Proposed

Positive Points in SB0108

Negative Points of SB0108

Why is this Bill good?  Or is it?

We love this Bill.  There are some serious flaws in how it is being proposed as it is being updated through UDAF. Still, it is a great step forward and we thank UDAF and at least one large producer for looking at this Bill.  SB0108 will increase the availability of raw milk.  Raw milk is a whole live food, something that high temperature pasteurized milk is not.  Many physicians are actually prescribing raw milk for babies.  With the passing of this Bill, it shows that many of us unlicensed dairies are actually very knowledgeable of food safety and safe production methods.  Its not just the licensed dairies who are conscious of this.

HB0181 Home Consumption and Homemade Food

This is a tremendous Bill.