Senate Bill 0108 Proposed

Positive Points in SB0108

  • Allows licensed raw milk to be sold in a refrigerated truck under certain conditions
  • Allows unlicensed raw milk of up to 120 gallons per month to be sold, if certain testing is done. Milk must be monthly tested for Coliform.  Dairy animals must be tested for Brucellosis and Tuberculosis.  Milk must be meet Grade A standards of at least 50° in one hour from extracting from the animal and at least 41° within two hours. Labelled to inform consumers that the milk is not inspected or licensed.
  • Brings more availability of raw milk
  • Allows Consumers to be allowed to make their own decisions on using a wholesome whole food such as raw milk
  • Puts the onus on the producer to make sure their raw milk is tested and that they must inform the consumer that the milk is unlicensed and uninspected.
  • With the passing of SB0108, Herd Share milk plus the 120 gallons of unlicensed milk would be allowed to be sold. This is awesome, as the cost of setting up a licensed dairy is unbearable.  There are other reasons too.

Negative Points of SB0108

  • Licensed milk being transported would have to be transported in a refrigerated truck.  This would keep the small producer from getting into the sale of raw milk off their farm. Reason being that the small producer could not afford the truck
  • Dairy goats now have to be tested for Tuberculosis, but there are no known cases.  This  means added cost to both the licensed and unlicensed dairies.  Cost that is totally unnecessary.  This was not put in by the sponsor of the Bill.

Why is this Bill good?  Or is it?

We love this Bill.  There are some serious flaws in how it is being proposed as it is being updated through UDAF. Still, it is a great step forward and we thank UDAF and at least one large producer for looking at this Bill.  SB0108 will increase the availability of raw milk.  Raw milk is a whole live food, something that high temperature pasteurized milk is not.  Many physicians are actually prescribing raw milk for babies.  With the passing of this Bill, it shows that many of us unlicensed dairies are actually very knowledgeable of food safety and safe production methods.  Its not just the licensed dairies who are conscious of this.

HB0181 Home Consumption and Homemade Food

This is a tremendous Bill.


  • Allows for production of homemade foods to the sale of informed end consumers that the foods are uninspected and unlicensed
  • Makes it possible for the producer to have an awesome small food business without stifling rules
  • Has the producer be a professional in that they have to label their products. This is also good to inform the consumer what is in the products
  • Allows the production of food without burdensome licensing of state, towns etc which can stop people from selling their homemade wholesome foods, which they share with people anyway.
  • Allows the producer to make and sell their foods without first having to have all their recipes and recipe changes okd by UDAF.