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We are sharing milk and milk products legally through the Utah Goat Share program, with Shareholders of our Northern Dawn dairy herd.

Goat Share Program

In a nutshell, here is how the Goat Share program works. It is a pretty easy program where we are allowed to share milk with you


Ok, so Why Would You Want to Use the Goat Share Program to Obtain Milk?



How Milk from Northern Dawn Goats is Handled

We at Northern Dawn take our goat health and the safety of your milk very seriously.

We will soon be making a video showing the farm handling procedures of our milk, etc. Stay tuned for that.

Goat Shares still available

We have shares still available We have very faithful Shareholders in our herd, and appreciate them very much! :-D

Herd information

Soon the Northern Dawn herd will have available milk test information, for your viewing. We feel this is very important for your understanding of milk safety. We are also in the process of building our new milk facility.

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