The following is just a small bit of information that you might enjoy about raw milk and obtaining it or even how hard it can be to obtain it.  More information will follow in blog posts.

Did you know

As we walk down the isles of the grocery store, we see people picking up a lot of dairy products.  We are all thinking that we are eating healthy by grabbing that low fat high and pasteurized milk off the store shelf.  Did you look at the wording of a lot of the pasteurized milk that we find on the shelves?  It often says Ultra-Pasteurized.  Here is what Dr Axe says. Take a look at this chart he has created.   Milk As Dr Axe explains, much of the milk that we purchase in stores is Ultra or High Temperature pasteurized.  There are very few stores in many of the states, where we can purchase raw or low temperature pasteurized milk from an actual store.  In Utah, currently, the only way a dairy farmer can sell his milk in a store off the farm is if he owns at least 51% of the sales of that store.  So in most cases in Utah, currently, that won't happen. Thus, if you and your family want to purchase raw milk, you have to pretty much go straight to the dairy farmer himself to get the good whole food milk. This is where we at Northern Dawn Dairy come in to help you and your family. If your milk is going to be pasteurized, then the closest to raw milk benefits is low temperature pasteurized milk. This still denatures a lot of the good bacteria that our bodies need, but it is better than the harmful High and Ultra-Pasteurized milk.  The best milk you can get for your family, as Dr Mercola says, is Raw Milk straight from the naturally fed dairy farms.  In Dr Axe' video, he talks about the dangers of high temperature and ultra-pasteurized milk.  Here are a few highlights.

  • High-temperature pasteurization kills enzymes, much of the healthy microorganisms, and denatures the proteins. This means that this type of pasteurization kills the milk, making it harder to digest.  Ever wonder why people often bloat and their stomach hurts badly after drinking store milk?  This killing of the milk can cause inflammatory bowel syndrome, according to Dr Axe.
  • Ultra-pasteurized milk kills everything; the good and the bad enzymes, and damages vitamins etc.  Drinking this milk without vitamins makes people intolerant to the milk.  Thus, people aren't intolerant to raw milk. They are intolerant to the ultra-pasteurized milk because is essentially no longer milk the way Heavenly Father created it.  Synthetic Vitamin D is added back into the milk, which is very very bad news, according to Dr Axe.