From Scratch-like Grandma used to bake:  Bakery coming soon


    In a world of commercialism, its so hard to find real homemade healthy from-scratch baked goods.  Working in the commercial baking field for 17 years as a scratch baker, I can tell you that there are precious few bakeries left who produce healthy baked goods. Most are loaded with chemicals and horrid stuff for our bodies. At Boone Family Bakery, we will soon be sharing our home baking with you. Products will be Gluten and Gluten-Free: Noodles * Breads * Rolls * Cookies * Candy * Made to Order Cakes for your occasions We are currently working with the State of Utah to bring these healthy products to you.

From Scratch Hard Roll dough

Scratch soft dinner rolls

Cinnamon Sugar Butterflake Rolls

Soft Snickerdoodles

Rose Wedding Cake