Why is Goat Milk Better for You

Our goat milk tastes just as good as Cow milk if not better.  It is sweet and has been tested by a lab in Utah by a researcher with a PHD in Microbiology. I found this link about why  Goat Milk is Better For You.

Northern Dawn Dairy, here in Goshen Utah

We are a raw milk dairy that sells our milk and milk products via Herd Share.  We do this because we can share with you our clean wholesome 'real live food' dairy products, without having to 'pasteurize' or put any 'junk' into our dairy products. We have seen and experienced so much of the bad ingredients and ways of producing those foods, that we strive to produce a very nutritious alternative for you and your family.  Some of the bad stuff in commercial foods are in the form of GMO, A1 dairy (found in most of the commercial stores), preservatives, colors, etc. Here at  Northern Dawn, home of Northern Dawn Dairy we feed alfalfa hay of very high quality which is grown from non-roundup non-GMO seed.

We also feed non-GMO timothy grass hay and weed-free alfalfa pellets and have grass for them to graze on.  Our grain ration (used on the milk stand) is actually strictly either oats and/or barley with or without black oil sunflower seeds.  We do that because those grains are non-GMO. We don't use antibiotics with our goats. Thus, we feed our goats as naturally as possible.  We don't push our does to milk more than they normally would, because we want them to be healthy and happy goats. Healthy happy goats produce high-quality milk for you and your family.

As Dr Bernard Jensen says in his book entitled Goat Milk Magic,

The nutritional value of goat milk is directly related to the nutritional value of what goats are fed, and if you want milk that is high in nutritional value you must feed your goats the best feed you can get. (To introduce Dr Bernard, He believed in raw goat milk and NOT in its pasteurized counterpart.)  Dr. Jensen was a pioneer in holistic and alternative health having spent 60 years of his career successfully treating patients in his health sanitariums and health ranches."

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Why do we offer A2 raw milk and milk products?  See what  Dr Axe says.  Dr Axe and Dr Mercola have a lot of information about raw milk and also specifically raw goat milk for us to digest and think about.

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