How to Make a Milk Chiller

The people used a chest freezer

  • made a shelf of PVC pipe and hardware cloth
  • used a pond water fountain pump
  • put in a temperature control probe, where temperature can be set

Possible Agitator

Try an aquarium wavemaker

My Idea

make these to sell once we test it out... patent it Ok...

  • Chest freezer
  • Make the PVC shelf that is upon legs and the hardware cloth
  • Attach the milk line for the Simple pulse directly to quart jars, through the wall of the cooler to top of jars. 
  • Attach each jar to each other, so that they overflow into each other, but the jars are in agitating ice water
  • A small amount of ice is below the shelf and the pump is mounted wherever it needs to be. Maybe above shelf
  • Jars are inside wire division rack, so they don't tip over