Dairy Programs

Did you ever wonder why there are different options for obtaining dairy products in Utah?  And just what are the differences in the programs?  How do they affect you and your beloved family (the consumer) and me (the producer)?  Well, let us take a look.

Herd Share Program

Herd Share Forms to Fill out and return to us. Can be via email or in person.

Dairy Quality

Becoming Licensed, Transportation of Raw Milk, Legal and Safe

Proven Value

Dairy goats on the milk test program are for herd management and potential buyers to to Prove the Value of the Dairy Goat. 

Our Standards

Better ways to improve our methods of handling the milk.  Why?  To bring you nutritious milk that is far above Utah Grade A Raw Milk standards.

Milk Handling

We at Northern Dawn hold to very strict standards of testing our milk, sanitizing our jars and milk equipment, cooling and cleaning.

Goat Share Program

Why Would You Want to Use the Goat Share Program to Obtain Milk?

How to make a general salve

Fill the bottom pot of double boiler with 1/4 of water. Place top pan on. Place double boiler onto medium heat and heat water to just below boiling.

Udder Preparation

Cleaning of the teat and udder must be done before opening up any milking so that no bacteria enters the teat canal

Facts about Raw Milk

kills enzymes, much of the healthy microorganisms, and denatures the proteins. This means that this type of pasteurization kills the milk, making it harder to digest

Why is Goat Milk Better for You

Our goat milk tastes just as good as Cow milk if not better.  It is sweet and has been tested by a lab in Utah by a researcher with a PHD in Microbiology. 

What our customers say

Reviews of Northern Dawn Products

"I have used goat milk since 1979 when my second daughter was diagnosed with a milk allergy when she was about 15 months old.  At that time I used goat milk products produced in California, one of the states leading in nutrition and natural healthcare.  Since that time I have used goat yogurt to make various meals such as potatoes topped with goat yogurt instead of sour cream and pancakes made with goat yogurt.  

I moved back to Utah, my home state in 2005 from Ohio where I also purchased goat milk products.  I am diabetic and finding in my latter years that I react to foods with additives.  I contacted Peggy about buying raw goat milk from her a few months ago, because I had been told by a friend that it provides natural acidophilus.  

I have now replaced the almond milk I was using with raw goat milk.  This has been an addition to my diet that has made it more palatable.  The goat milk is always delivered cold and fresh.  

I love having a bowl of oatmeal with goat milk on it.  It takes me back to a time in life when I actually enjoyed eating breakfast, before I had to go off of dairy products.  Sometimes when you pour the goat milk you will see the rich cream on top of the container.  Peggy always delivers the milk when she says she will.  

She works long hours caring for the goats and making sure the milk is stored properly.  I am not sure but I believe it might be helping with my osteoporosis, although I haven’t had a bone scan recently.  But I know I feel stronger. "  Karen .... Utah County, Utah

Using the milk to aid in health and delicious meals

"Peggy has been sharing her goat milk with me for the last 8 years. I have been acting as her milk tester for part of that time.  She takes excellent care of the goats before she milks by wiping their utters with baby wipes. Her hands are clean when she milks. She cools the milk quickly after milking and straining. She feeds the goats excellent grain and only the best hay.  The milk is sweet and creamy to the taste.  I highly recommend it for drinking."  Barbara ... Utah County, Utah

Care of the Goats and Milk Handling
Greg and Gail
of Utah

"Very creamy milk." Greg... Utah County, Utah "Always fresh and delicious"  Gail ..... Utah County, Utah

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Program Comparisons

We love the Herd Share program and know that you do too. That being said, let us take a look at the pros and cons of both programs that Utah Currently has and compare.